What you master after this course?

Your dog deserves to be the star of the stage be it a dog show or just a walk in the park. After the course you will master the skills of how to groom your Bichon with a round and puffy head, beautiful expression and a superior posture. Bichon Frisé is a breed that needs grooming. The breed definition can be a boring read and leaves a lot of room for interpretation. In addition to that every Bichon is a unique individual. With this course you will learn how to emphasize the good parts of your dog and how to hide the ones that are the not-so-good ones.

  • Finnish audio | English subtitles

  • You'll learn to objectively look at your Bichon. What are goods and the bads?

  • You'll master the breed specific style to groom the dog for a show and beyond.

  • You'll learn new ways to use the scissors for an epic outcome.

  • You'll get the best protips from a professional who has been show grooming Bichon Frisé for over 10 years.

  • The course will be available for you for 365 days.

  • The manual is downloadable and at your disposal forever.

  • As a gift for joining, you'll get a 15% discount code that you can use at Roppi Shoppi online store.

  • The whole course is 59€ including the VAT.

  • Credit card payment only (we're using Stripe).

Course includes:

7 videos and downloadable manual with pictures.

  • 1


    • Standards of the bichon frisé breed

    • How to use trimmer

    • How to groom back and sides

    • How to groom behind

    • How to groom chest

    • How to groom head

    • How to groom topline

  • 2

    Guide with pictures

    • Grooming guide

If you really want to learn how to groom bichon, this is for you!

Katja Rahunen, bichon frise breeder, kennel Wyomaers

”Here’s excellent bichon frise show groom video course! I recommend to all who wants to master the skills to make your bichon shine even though you aren't competing. You can choose English subtitles as well 🙂.”
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"Standards of the bichon frisé breed."

Bichon frisé show groom -course is launched!

Master the skills to make your dog shine!

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